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Kefir is a highly nutritious fermented drink produced from kefir grains that can be prepared with milk or without. Milk kefir, in addition to providing a probiotic blend of beneficial microbes and micronutrients (essential minerals and vitamins), also provides protein. Water kefir also provides the same nutrient composition save for the protein as it lacks milk.
Kefir drinks are beneficial to the body physiology. Kefir drinks promote gut microbes and aids in the cellular absorption of blood sugar. When it comes to managing diabetes, Kefir drinks have a low to moderate glycemic index, and this implies that it helps control blood sugars. Furthermore, the lactic acid produced during fermentation lowers the pH of blood. This acidity favors glucose entry into the cells from the blood.
Kefir drinks can be a substitute for lemon, vinegar or other acidic foods recommended to for diabetics. Milk Kefir also provides digestible protein (casein) that is not meat-based which maintains body cholesterol levels, preventing cardiovascular diseases. Cholesterol levels in diabetics, need to be maintained to reduce the risk of heart disease. Finally, water Kefir is a healthy substitute for soft drinks. Soft drinks tend to raise blood sugar levels which is dangerous to diabetics. People with diabetes can enjoy a soda-like drink without the fear of raising their sugar levels.
Gut microbes and Probiotics Significant Benefits in Diabetics
Research published in the Nutritional Journal shows the relationship between gut microbiota, probiotics, and diabetes and it concluded that gut microbes are responsible for maintaining immune processes, which is essential to diabetics. Probiotics from kefir ensure the number of these bacteria remain optimal.
Moreover, probiotics in kefir have a significant effect on blood glucose reduction of glucose, regulation of insulin levels and reducing insulin resistance in diabetics. Therefore, from the research, kefir probiotics may be employed as a dietary supplement in reducing glucose metabolic factors associated with diabetes. Drinking kefir can be useful in diabetes management. It can be seen as a form of therapy, from the above physiological benefits, to reverse the condition.
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