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Alternative sweeteners for food sugar
What is the importance and types of alternative sweeteners for sucrose?
Sucrose is the sugar we use in our daily lives.
These alternative sweeteners also have other advantages:
1 - much sweeter than sucrose, a very small amount of which can be equivalent in sweetening a large amount of sucrose.
2-Low-calorie, this fits from following a weight loss diet.
Do not cause tooth decay that may occur with chronic use of sucrose.

Sweeteners are two types:
1- Natural sweeteners, any origin of plant natural
2- Low-calorie sweeteners have chemical origin
What are the most important features of sweeteners commonly used as alternatives to sucrose?
Sodium saccharin, sodium cyclamate and acesulfame potassium:
They are all low-calorie sweeteners hundreds of times more sweet than sucrose. It has been commonly used for many years and has its characteristics:

1- Often used in combination with one another or with other sweeteners to reduce the accompanying bitter taste.
2- Failure to abide by the specific amounts of low-calorie sweeteners could cause some damage, the US Food and Drug Administration said.

Stevia Extract:
Natural calorie-free sweetener, 300 times more sweet than sucrose, and is a safe alternative to aspartame and other sweeteners because of its advantages:

1- Most studies indicate that it is highly safe, and that it causes no side effects other than the bitter taste that follows its sweet taste.
2- Steady at high temperatures making it suitable when used in cooking. It also does not break down into harmful substances to the body.
3- It has anti-hyperglycemic effect which makes it not only safe but also useful for diabetics.

Aspartame is the most studied sweeteners. Animal studies have indicated the potential to cause potentially harmful effects. However, aspartame advocates argue that these effects occur only in much higher amounts than those used, so experts advise to avoid the use of aspartame and replace it with a safe alternative and suggested sucralose.
It is a low-calorie sweetener recently used and has been considered a safe alternative to aspartame and other low-calorie sweeteners for its many advantages:

1- It is more capable of sweetening, as its sweetness is 300 times higher than that of sucrose, and its sweet taste is not followed by a bitter taste.
2- Does not disintegrate in the body, and is more stable than aspartame at high temperatures and this is useful when used in cooking.
3- It is considered to be environmentally healthy, as it is degradable with microorganisms and does not become toxic to the environment.
4- Most animal studies have proven safe for use and are not associated with serious side effects.