Al-Mustaqbal College Activities In the Sustensibilty Field

Visiting the Sensustable Energy Centers By The College Staff And Students

A delegation from the Faculty of Future visited a group of students and faculty staff to renewable energy centers for the purpose of field access to the most important and latest technologies used in the field of clean and sustainable energy for the purpose of identifying the technologies and devices used in obtaining sustainable and clean energy based on natural resources of the environment and the development of ideas In order to apply this technology and use it as a clean and sustainable energy source.

The College Students And The Staff In a Sustainable Energy Place October 2018
Projects and innovations of the college students in the field
of sustainable energy
March 2017

Students' Projects And Innovations For Renewable Energy

With the participation of groups of students from the Al-Mustaqbal college of various scientific Specialties has been devised and completed many projects related to sustainable energy,where they have created and find solutions based on saving energy on natural and clean sources derived from natural and sustainable environmental resources.

Staff development training in the field of renewable energy for a sustainable environment

A cadre From Almustaqbal college students conducted training courses in the field of providing sustainable energy.These courses have resulted in acquiring the participants with information and skills on the importance of investing clean energy as an unyielding source of energy that can be used in many vital areas and reduce the cost instead of relying on other energy sources. To acquire the necessary expertise to implement the principle of sustainable energy.

Staff Participation In The Training Courcses April 2018
The College Dean Research In The Sustainability Field Novemebr 2017

Academic Researches In The Sustainability Field

"Renewable Energy Technologies For Engineering" is the title of the new scientific version for the bean of Al-Mustaqbal University college and number of resarchers which is rewly released for the European publication journal which is from the authorship the assistant professor Hasan shakir majdi the dean of Al-Mustaqbal University college and the chief of "the Future Comunity for the Studies and Energy Researches" and the Dr. Azhar Mohsen Abed the Teacher in the Al-Mustaqbal University College and the Specialist In the newable Energy and the resarcher the assistant professor Laith Jaber Habeeb doctorate in the Refractories Engineering in the University Of Technology where the book depended as a Global Source.

Seminars and Conferences About the Sustainable Energy

the Future Comunity for the studies and the energy researches with the cooperation of the engineering college in the Al-nahrain university, has been Organized A seminar which titled "The Sustainable future Energy: the application and Challenges" whith the sponsorship of the chief of Al-nahrain University. four Scientific Lectures has been presented the first one is for the Dr. hasan Al-yasiri the cheif of the comunity titled "the methods of the predection of the solar energy by the Chemical methods and its applications in Germany and japan and the Globe vision to the future energy" where the Dr. Naseer from the Industrial Research And Development Department, Browse in his second lecture tha ability and applications of using the solar energy in Iraq and display the projects of the Ministary of electricity in this Field.

The Dean of Al-mustaqbal University College in a Seminar
at Al-nahrain University / college of Engineering
April 2016
The Students' Projects In The Sustensibilty Energy Field