Under the slogan “Education for Sustainable Development”, Al-Mustaqbal University College Organizes its “First Scientific Products Exhibition” within the activities of the 11th Cultural Festival. Date: 05/07/2021 | Views: 901

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Part of the annual scientific activities organized by Al-Mustaqbal University College, students of all departments, engineering, medical and humanities, and specifically of fourth year, have participated in the exhibition of scientific products held inside the college on Monday 5th July 2021. This exhibition comes as part of the activities of the 11th Cultural Festival coinciding with the eleventh anniversary of the College establishment.
The participating students have submitted a number of projects in the medical area regarding treatment of COVID19, vitamin deficiency and effect of weather conditions on people’s health in Iraq. On the other hand, students of engineering departments have exhibited software applications related to medical fields that can be utilized in detecting and differentiating people who wear masks from those who don’t.
It is considerable to note that students of the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Department have participated with a distinguished part of the exhibition focusing on the applications of clean energy, utilization of solar energy in refrigeration systems, wind power, and use of control system on dual applications. All these projects have been designed and applied under the supervision of Assist Prof. Dr. Azher M. Abed, Head of the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Engineering Department.
We should also note that a number of books written by distinguished scholars have occupied a corner in the exhibition, such as Dr. Ammar Al-Husseini in the field of Law, and Dr. Fawzi Al-Ta’i in the fields of Novel & Administration. Moreover, Assist. Prof. Dr. Wa’il has given a speech on computer networks.
Prof. Dr. Hasan Shakir Majdi, Dean of Al Mustaqbal University College, accompanied by a group of academics, has made a tour through the various wards of the exhibition, looking at and observing the various participations of the College Departments. The exhibition, indeed, has witnessed a wide media coverage by a number of satellite channels.
At the end of the festival, the Dean of the College, in his speech, has appreciated the efforts exerted by all members of the college, emphasizing the successes achieved, despite COVID19 Pandemic, including E-Learning, occupying the first place in the world rankings all together with the great expansions in buildings, areas and infrastructures.
The festival has included as well a process of honoring an elite of academics, heads of units as well as personnel with shields of excellence and innovation for their outstanding work during the academic year 2020-2021, wishing them constant success.