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E Learning Criteria Guide
Guide to conducting electronic exams
Meeting record decision
intensified course
Check the progress of electronic exams for primary and higher studies
University calendar to complete the current school year
Courses system
Part-time faculty evaluation form
Professional and Professional Staff Performance Evaluation Form
A form for evaluating the performance of faculty members in the training center and laboratories
Academic Staff Performance Evaluation Form
Student Guide For the Acceptance 2019-2020
Scientific research and workshops for Al Mustaqbal college staff and students
How to register at the THE library
Students admission guide for the academic year of 2019-2020
The results of the competitive examination (preliminary studies) for the academic year (2017_2018)
University Guide for the Academic Year of 2019-2020
The researcher's manual for ORCID
Transfer the sons of professors
Fulfillment of fees
Launching graduation forms
Reduction of tuition fees for the families of martyrs
Tuition fees
Students admitted exception
Teaching Staff
Reduction of tuition fees for the first students
Determining the college of admission of the first student
Reduced delivery rate for medical group
Student Admission Instructions for 2016-2017
Quality of university performance
Graduates of vocational centers
Housing of students of civil colleges in the internal departments
Rules of transferring the first students to public universities
Admission of students
Treatment of students' cases
Transfer of the first students
Student Rules and Regulations 2017 - 2018
Student Guide for Central Admission 2017 - 2018
Student Guide for Electronic Admission 2017 - 2018
Student Guide for Electronic Admission 2016 - 2017
Website Quality Assessment Form 2017
Laboratory quality classification form 2017
Performance Evaluation Form 2017 - 2018