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The department was established by the order of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. 7161 of 2012 in the name of the Department of Civil Engineering and the department was changed to the Department of Building and Construction Engineering Technologies under the Ministerial Order No. 4326 of 2017. Building and construction engineering technologies is one of the branches of engineering and concerned with the study, design and analysis of facilities such as buildings, roads, bridges, airports, ports and dams. The Department receives within its entries that listed below.
• In the first academic year, graduates of Junior high study for the scientific and applied branch are accepted, with an average of no less than 60%.
• In the first academic year, graduates of industrial study / construction and engineering drawing with an average of no less than 65% are accepted.
• in the first academic year, graduates of technical institutes / building and construction department, with an average of no less than 65% are accepted.
The department continuously seeks to be a pioneer and distinguished in the field of building and construction technologies in a way that meets the requirements of a renewed society and paired with rapid technology developments and to support the labor market with technical engineers who are able to keep pace with the accelerating technological development in the field of construction and also seeks for excellence in providing an innovative and creative solid scientific research’s.
• Preparing technical engineers who have the ability to use modern and advanced techniques and methods in the design, implementation and maintenance of all engineering projects, and they can manage and operate specialized production units for the production of construction materials and ready-made construction systems.
• Contribute to providing efficient engineering technical staff to meet the country’s need and to contribute to achieving the country's scientific and economic development goals.
• Conducting scientific and applied research to develop construction techniques that contribute in solving problems in the field of work.
• Seek to improve and develop performance to achieve quality assurance and obtain academic accreditation.
  • Graduating engineers with a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals of engineering construction techniques.
  • Graduation of engineers with the ability to apply design, management and construction methods in engineering projects.
  • Graduation of engineers with the ability to acquire communication skills or teamwork in multidisciplinary projects.
  • Graduating engineers with the ability to continue learning and acquire skills to develop creative work and plan work based on community values ​​and ethics.
  • Keeping abreast of the latest developments in the field of construction engineering and construction through re-evaluation of study plans and curricula presented in a periodic manner.
  • Conduct research and studies to increase knowledge and applications and provide innovative solutions to local and regional problems in particular.
  • Establish strong relationships with local, regional and international companies and institutions to enhance support for scientific research and educational activity at the University
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