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The Department of Pharmacy is one of the departments established at Al-mustaqbal university college, where it was opened by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Abdul Jalil Al-Issa, in July 2017. The department received its request and 125 students. 200 students, including 22 students with free hardship, the section includes the following branches:
  • Pharmaceutics Branch
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Branch
  • Analytical and Organic Chemistry Branch
  • Drugs and Toxins Branch
  • Basic Science Branch
  • Drugs and Medicinal Plants Branch
As well as computer labs, medical laboratories and medical physics.                             
The Pharmacy Department consists of a cadre of advanced pharmacists, as well as qualified professors in the sciences.
  • The department aspires to be a pioneer in the field of pharmaceutical education at the level of Iraq locally and internationally and in the academic and professional fields.
  • Its outputs are theoretically and practically distinguished by providing the best knowledge programs in the pharmaceutical and medical fields.
  • Focus on the practical aspect of education as its output leaders in pharmaceutical manufacturing and clinical pharmacy.
  • Adopting creative, innovative ideas, projects and plans to improve pharmaceutical education and pharmaceutical research.
  • The department aspires to deepen professional and trade unionism at its output.
  • Develop a spirit of honest competition among students for scientific, professional and creative excellence.
  • Increase the quality of pharmaceutical education to develop students' skills and ensure access to knowledge by following and inventing the best methods and programs of study and teaching.
  • Use the latest in training and practicality.
  • Encourage fifth-grade students to upgrade graduate research and to be practical and service-oriented to society.
  • Graduating specialized and professional pharmacy staff.
  • Propagating excellent educational programs.
  • Achieving a good learning environment.
  • Developing of administrative systems and processes in line with the movement of scientific and technical progress.
  • Adopting advanced teaching methods.
  • Diversifying sources of funding to achieve a sustainable financial future.
  • Produce innovative scientific research with creative features.
  • Building bridges of communication and partnership with regional and international universities.
  • Seek to enter the global ranking based on academic credits.
  • Providing scientific laboratories with internationally recognized advanced standards.
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